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Template page redesign

We’re rolling out a redesign for editing and creating new templates. You can now see more details about the template and perform more actions on it.

We’ve outgrown the previous popup based design, as we wanted to add some new features. That’s why, when you edit or create a template, the new layout will take up the whole page.

It should look familiar, but it includes many improvements. You’ll notice the main template form and the sidebar.

Details of the redesigned template page

Attachments and Add More Fields

Attachments and extra fields are now neatly tucked away, each in its own panel. The panels are closed by default, but open automatically when you edit a template that has attachments or any extra fields set.

Side boxes

On the side of the template form, you’ll notice the new sidebar. It includes the tags box and some new features.

You can now see which member of your team created the template, when it was created, and when it was last changed. You can also duplicate or delete the current template, in the Actions box.

With the new layout, we also made some performance improvements, so everything should load slightly faster.

We hope the redesign makes editing and creating templates easier, and ultimately saves you more time when writing emails or replying anywhere.

Reach out on our support email address, or on Twitter @briskineapp, for any feedback on the new design.

New and improved billing

We’ve added a new way to manage your billing details, payment methods and review your invoices. You can do all of these in the new Billing Portal.

The Billing Portal is located in the dashboard, under Settings → Subscriptions. For increased security, just like our other subscription management features, the Billing Portal is only accessible to team administrators.

Open the Briskine Billing Portal

Once you’ve opened it, you’ll see your current subscription status, credit cards, billing information, and invoice history.

In the Payment Methods section, you can manage your saved credit cards. You can also choose which one you’re going to pay the next invoice with.

Briskine Billing Portal

The Billing Information section allows you to edit your billing email, billing address, and tax ID (eg. EU VAT). You can set a different billing email from the one on your Briskine account - if one of your colleagues handles the billing.

In the Invoice History section, you can view your invoice history and download the invoices or receipts.

Thank you for your suggestions so far! Let us know if you’d like more features for subscription management.

Be part of multiple Briskine teams

Work with different teams, each with its own templates, on Briskine.

You can now be part of many different teams. Each team has its own templates, team members, and subscription.

Different teams in your organization can use Briskine for different things. The support team can use templates for replying to similar questions, while the sales team can use templates for outreach messages. These teams don’t need to share templates with each other, and have separate team members.

Switch Briskine teams from the browser toolbar

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to use templates from a different team than your own, especially if you’re juggling many roles.

The same goes if you’re working with different companies using Briskine. They each have their own team and templates that don’t need to be shared with each other.

Using our new multi-team feature, you can now use templates from different teams, using a single account.

If you’ve been invited to multiple teams, a team selector will show up in the browser popup and in the dashboard. You can use this selector to choose which team’s templates you want to use.

In the browser, press the B button in the browser toolbar on the top-right, to see the team selector.

Switch Briskine teams from the dashboard

In the dashboard, you’ll find it in the main menu, also on the top-right.

After you switch to the new team, you’ll see the templates from the new team show up.

More features related to team management are coming up in future. Follow our Twitter account @briskineapp for the latest updates.

Send emails from a different address using templates

You can now switch the email address you’re sending from when using a template.

When you have more than one email address set up in Gmail, you can choose which one you’re sending the current message from. You can now do this automatically by using a template.

You might have different email addresses set up in the same inbox for many roles like billing, recruiting, or support. With separate Briskine templates for any of these roles, you can also make sure you’re sending from the correct address. When inserting a billing-specific template, send it from your address.

Switch From address in Gmail

To set up the from address for the template, fill in the new From field in the Dashboard. You’ll find it by editing the template, under Show more fields.

Briskine Dashboard From field

In case you don’t have multiple email addresses set up already, you can follow the Gmail guide for sending from a different address or alias.

This feature is only available in Gmail for now. Please let us know if you’d like to use it on other email apps as well.

Briskine Bubble on Outlook and LinkedIn

The Briskine Bubble (also known as the floating B button, or quick-action button) is now visible on Outlook and LinkedIn!

Previously only available on Gmail, the bubble has received many improvements and can be used on more websites now. We’ve improved its positioning and tweaked its looks, so it stays out of your way when typing, but is still close by when you need your templates.

Briskine Bubble on

We also added right-to-left support, so the bubble is placed on the left side when the website you’re on is using a right-to-left script.

Briskine Bubble right-to-left support

We’re working on making the bubble available on as many websites as possible.

To stay up to date with the latest Briskine news, follow our new Twitter account @briskineapp.