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Build templates fast & easily

Create templates with standard answers to frequently asked questions from your customers. Personalized templates take seconds to set up.

You can add text, images, links to your articles, attachments, and even custom variables such as the recipient's first name, to personalize your message.

Briskine rich text editor.

Insert templates quickly

Don't waste time copying and pasting responses when sending emails. Insert snippets by typing the template shortcut then pressing Tab on your keyboard.

Open the templates dialog by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + Space in any Reply area. Search through your templates and insert the one you need.

Insert templates using keyboard shortcuts or the Briskine Dialog.

Share templates with your team

Provide great support by email with a small or large team. Use common templates for everyone and don't waste time writing the same replies.

Shared templates sync with everyone. Text changes, updated links, or fixed typos will be instantly updated.

Templates can be shared with your entire team or only with specific teammates. You can add unlimited people on your team and get unlimited templates on the Premium plan.

Add team members to your Briskine team.

Reduce response time

Improve response time on incoming email requests. Reducing response times and responding to your customers with helpful and relevant information is key to great customer service.

Using a set of standard templates will make sure customers get the details they need and get new support agents up to speed.

Add team members to your Briskine team.

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