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Advanced search for templates

Our latest improvements to search make it easier to find the templates you need.

Besides the default search which finds templates that roughly match titles, shortcuts, or contents, you can now use advanced search operators. You can now filter templates by tag, shortcut, title, and more.

Here are some search operators you can use:

  • To find templates that have the en tag, you can use the tag:en operator.
  • Find a template with the kr shortcut, by using shortcut:kr.
  • Find a template with the Kind regards title, using title:"Kind Regards".

Search operators can be combined with regular text searches. To find templates with the en tag that also contain the Kind word, you can use tag:en Kind in any search field.

Advanced search in the Autocomplete dialog

You can combine multiple search operators. Find templates that have the en tag and the To field set to, by using:

All search queries ignore capitalization, so Kind Regards will match the same templates as kind regards. This works the same with or without search operators.

See the full list of operators you can use and more details about them on the Search page in our Help Center.

Introducing Free accounts

We’re excited to announce we’ve added Free accounts! This makes it much easier for everybody to get started with Gorgias Templates without worrying about your templates.

Free accounts come with the same features you’re used to, like the rich text editor, dynamic variables, tags, or support for lots of websites. Everything you’ve used so far without an account is still available.

Besides these features, free accounts include template backups and improved syncing. This means you’ll never lose any of your templates. Even if you uninstall the browser extension or something happens to your browser or computer, your data will be safe.

Because your data is now stored in the cloud, free accounts are limited to 30 templates.

Here are some answers to frequent questions about the update.

How do I create a Free account?

You can create a free account directly from the browser extension or by going to the Create free account page.

What will happen to my existing templates?

All your templates will be uploaded to your account when you log in.

What happens if I already have more than 30 templates?

All your existing templates, even if you have more than 30, will be uploaded to your account. You won’t be able to add more templates after you reach the limit, but you will be able to edit existing ones.

What if I need more than 30 templates?

If you need more than 30 templates you can upgrade to our Premium plan. This will also allow you to add users to your team and share templates with them.

How do I upgrade to the Premium plan?

After you log in to your free account in the browser extension, you can upgrade to the Premium plan from Settings → Subscriptions.

We believe we have a sustainable way to offer a free service, while also making sure you never lose any data. We’d love to hear your thoughts about what more we can do to make your email and message writing faster and cost-efficient.

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the Gorgias Templates blog. We’ll be posting updates, improvements, new features, and tips on how you can stay productive and get the most out of it.

Gorgias Templates is a browser extension that helps you write and reply faster. You create templates for repetitive emails or phrases and quickly insert them using a short word (a template shortcut) or the autocomplete dialog.

It significantly saves time and speeds up your workflow whether you work in sales, customer support, recruiting, or any other domain where you have to write the same text many times.

We’ve made a lot of improvements in the last couple of months. We improved template synchronization, added better attachments and support for more websites (eg. Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn). We also made sure it works with the most popular browser extensions like Loom or Grammarly.

Thanks to everyone who has been using the extension so far and provided great feedback.

If you haven’t tried out Gorgias Templates yet, install the Google Chrome extension and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more features coming up in the next couple of months.