We’re rolling out a redesign for editing and creating new templates. You can now see more details about the template and perform more actions on it.

We’ve outgrown the previous popup based design, as we wanted to add some new features. That’s why, when you edit or create a template, the new layout will take up the whole page.

It should look familiar, but it includes many improvements. You’ll notice the main template form and the sidebar.

Details of the redesigned template page

Attachments and Add More Fields

Attachments and extra fields are now neatly tucked away, each in its own panel. The panels are closed by default, but open automatically when you edit a template that has attachments or any extra fields set.

Side boxes

On the side of the template form, you’ll notice the new sidebar. It includes the tags box and some new features.

You can now see which member of your team created the template, when it was created, and when it was last changed. You can also duplicate or delete the current template, in the Actions box.

With the new layout, we also made some performance improvements, so everything should load slightly faster.

We hope the redesign makes editing and creating templates easier, and ultimately saves you more time when writing emails or replying anywhere.

Reach out on our support email address, or on Twitter @briskineapp, for any feedback on the new design.