Welcome to the Gorgias Templates blog. We’ll be posting updates, improvements, new features, and tips on how you can stay productive and get the most out of it.

Gorgias Templates is a browser extension that helps you write and reply faster. You create templates for repetitive emails or phrases and quickly insert them using a short word (a template shortcut) or the autocomplete dialog.

It significantly saves time and speeds up your workflow whether you work in sales, customer support, recruiting, or any other domain where you have to write the same text many times.

We’ve made a lot of improvements in the last couple of months. We improved template synchronization, added better attachments and support for more websites (eg. Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn). We also made sure it works with the most popular browser extensions like Loom or Grammarly.

Thanks to everyone who has been using the extension so far and provided great feedback.

If you haven’t tried out Gorgias Templates yet, install the Google Chrome extension and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more features coming up in the next couple of months.