Here's a quick tip to help you insert snippets of text and avoid your cursor from jumping to the next line of text.

This will save you precious time and your keyboard will thank you for it.

Let's say you're sending the same email to several clients, but you want to give it a personal touch. Or, you often reply with the same information to customer questions and need a custom ending. We've got you covered.

Template showing a cursor hanging inline at the end of the text snippet

How it's done

Open the Gorgias Templates dashboard and follow these 3 steps:

  • Open a new or existing template.
  • Press the Source Code button in the rich text editor. Template editor Source Code button
  • Add style="display: inline-block" to the first div element in the template source code.

Add display: inline-block to the div element in the template source code

For example, if your initial template source code looks like:

<div>Template with inline cursor</div>

After you've added the extra code, it should look like:

<div style="display: inline-block">Template with inline cursor</div>


If your template has more than one paragraph, make sure to add style="display: inline-block" to the div of your last paragraph as well.