Automatically manipulate and transform variables or any other content in your templates, with template helpers.

Template helpers are special expressions that you can use in your templates to manipulate and transform variables or any other text. For example, you can extract a part of an email address, capitalize the first letter of a name, or insert different content depending on the day of the week.

Template helpers have a similar syntax to variables, using curly braces, but they also have a name and optional parameters.

For example, {{capitalize to.first_name}} will capitalize the first name variable, and {{lookup (text "split" "@") 0}} will split the email variable by the @ character and return the first part.

We have four categories of template helpers that you can use:

  • Text helpers: These are useful for transforming text, such as changing the case, replacing characters, or splitting it into parts.
  • Date and Time helpers: These are the same ones you were already using, but they are now grouped under the helpers category. You can use them to insert dates and times in different ways.
  • Conditional helpers: These allow you to use if/else/and/or conditions and compare values. You can use them to insert different content based on certain criteria.
  • List helpers: These let you sort, reverse, or loop over a list of values. You can use them to create tables, lists, or menus in your templates.

To learn more about how to use template helpers, please visit our Help Center. There you will find detailed explanations and interactive examples for each helper. You can edit and preview the examples in real-time to see how they work.

We hope you find this feature useful and enjoy creating more personalized templates with it.