We’ve just launched our new logo, new typeface, and made some tweaks to our color scheme. Most likely, you’ve already seen the changes in the extension, on the dashboard, or on your invoices.

New Briskine logo

Although our old logo was great, we felt it could be a little too generic. Additionally, the fact that it was composed of two overlapping hues made it challenging to work with in some circumstances.

We decided to update the logo in order to better represent what Briskine does best, which is to save you time while writing emails, responses, or messages anywhere. Briskine accomplishes this by extending your current workflow with quick, dynamic, rich, block-level autocomplete functionality.

The new logo includes all those things, while still keeping a familiar B-shaped outline. It uses a single color, is more recognizable, and can perform better in different locations.

Regardless of your workflow or the apps you use, Briskine's main goal is to make it easier for you to complete your work more quickly. So, while we’ve been working on the new logo, we’ve also been working on more improvements and features for you. Keep an eye out for new updates on our blog or Twitter @briskineapp.

We hope you enjoy Briskine's new look and feel!