In our continuous effort to improve collaboration, we’re rolling out new editing permissions for templates. Now, you have the flexibility to control who can edit your templates, ensuring they remain as you intended.

Tailor Template Access

Just like the previous access setting, you can now define who gets to edit a template. Choose to keep editing rights to yourself, allow your entire team to make changes, or grant permissions to specific individuals. This way, you maintain control over your template’s integrity while fostering a collaborative environment.

Viewing Without Editing

Those with view-only access can still utilize the template by inserting it into emails and messages, and see it in their dashboard, but won’t be able to make any alterations or deletions.

Full Control for Editors and Creators

Editors are empowered to make necessary changes, including deleting the template or adjusting its sharing settings.

As the template creator, you retain ultimate control with permanent access and editing rights, regardless of the set permissions.

Head over to our Help Center and check out the new Template Sharing guide for more details on template sharing and the new editing permissions.