We’ve added a brand new right-click context menu for Briskine, to help with performing the most common actions. Now, in addition to using the dialog or template shortcuts, you can quickly insert templates directly from the context menu.

Different options will be available in the context menu depending on where you right-click on the page.

To insert templates, right-click on any editable text field, and choose the template from the list. We’ve only added 30 templates to the context menu, to avoid having too many items there.

The templates in the context menu are sorted with the same settings you’ve chosen for the Briskine dialog. For instance, if the templates in the dialog are sorted by Recently Used, the context menu will display the 30 most recently used templates.

You’ll also be able to open the Briskine dialog, without having to use the bubble or the keyboard shortcut, by right-clicking on an editable text field.

When you select text on the page, you’ll see a new option to save the selected text as a new template.

From the context menu you can also open the Briskine popup, to help you with signing in or out of your account. This is an option that will always be available, regardless of where you right-click on the page.

If you need more help with this, we’ve got a new page with detailed instructions and screenshots of the Context Menu in the Help Center.