Managing templates efficiently is crucial for productivity, especially when dealing with a large number of templates for different projects. With our latest improvement, you can now update the contents of multiple templates simultaneously.

Previously, while you could change tags or sharing settings in bulk, updating actual template content required more effort. Each template needed to be individually updated, which could get time-consuming.

Suppose you recently rebranded your company and need to update all templates to reflect the new name. Instead of manually editing each template, our bulk update feature allows you to make this change efficiently.

Or maybe there’s a specific word or phrase you want to cut from several templates. Whether it’s outdated terminology or irrelevant content, our bulk import functionality streamlines the task.

The new feature is part of our Template Import tool, so you’ll need to be with familiar HTML code and CSV files. Here’s how it works:

Export Templates: Begin by exporting your existing templates. This step generates a CSV file containing all necessary information.

Edit the CSV File: Open the CSV file and locate the template HTML code. Make the necessary changes—whether it’s removing a specific word (e.g., your company’s old name) or updating other content.

Import the Updated Templates: Import the modified CSV file back into the dashboard. You’ll receive a confirmation message listing the new and changed templates detected in the file.

The confirmation message ensures you’re aware of the changes before making them.

For a comprehensive guide on using this feature, including the import file format and how change detection works, see the Import Templates article in the Help Center.