Briskine is now available for mobile browsers on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This means you can use the same powerful templates that you use on your computer, on your mobile device as well.

Insert Briskine templates by swiping right.

To use Briskine on your mobile device, you have two options: swipe right to insert templates with shortcuts, or use the Briskine Dialog to browse and insert templates.

Insert templates with shortcuts

If you already know the shortcut for the template you want to use, you can type it and swipe right instead of using the Tab key. For example, with the default templates, type nic and swipe right to insert the It was nice talking to you template. This works in any text field, on any website.

Use the Briskine Dialog to browse and insert templates

If you don't remember the shortcut for the template you want to use, or if you want to see all the templates available, you can use the Briskine Dialog. To open the dialog, press the Briskine Bubble that appears on Gmail,, or LinkedIn when you compose an email or a message. You can then browse and search for templates, and insert them with a tap.

How to install Briskine on mobile browsers

Depending on your device and browser, there are different ways to install Briskine on mobile browsers.

On iPhones and iPads, install Briskine from the App Store and you’ll be able to use it in Safari. Make sure you enable Briskine in Safari settings → Extensions.

On Android devices, you’ll need to use a browser that supports extensions (such as Firefox Beta or Kiwi Browser), since Google Chrome for Android doesn’t support extensions at this time. Install Briskine from our website and follow the instructions to enable it in your browser.

Find detailed instructions on how to install and use Briskine on mobile browsers in our Help Center.

All the features available when using Briskine on your computer are also available on mobile browsers. You can sync your templates across devices, use variables, edit your templates, and more.

We hope you enjoy this update and find it useful for writing faster and better emails, replies, and messages on your mobile device.