We're excited to announce that Briskine attachments can now be used on all websites and web apps.

Attachments are a great way to share documents, images, videos, and more with your contacts, using templates.

Previously, Briskine attachments were available only on Gmail. But we know that many of you use other platforms to communicate online, such as Outlook, LinkedIn, and more. That's why we've made them compatible with any website where you can insert templates.

On websites where Briskine supports rich text formatting (such as Gmail and Outlook.com), your attachments will be added with their name and the file type icon. On websites where Briskine doesn't support rich text (such as LinkedIn), your attachments will show up as a file name and a link to the file in square brackets. For example: resume.pdf [https://briskine.com/attachments/123456]

Either way, your recipients will be able to view and download your attachments with a single click.

If you want to learn more about how Briskine attachments work, and about their security and privacy considerations, visit the template attachments page on our help center.

This feature has been highly requested by our users, so we're glad to finally deliver it.