Our latest improvements to search make it easier to find the templates you need.

Besides the default search which finds templates that roughly match titles, shortcuts, or contents, you can now use advanced search operators. You can now filter templates by tag, shortcut, title, and more.

Here are some search operators you can use:

  • To find templates that have the en tag, you can use the tag:en operator.
  • Find a template with the kr shortcut, by using shortcut:kr.
  • Find a template with the Kind regards title, using title:"Kind Regards".

Search operators can be combined with regular text searches. To find templates with the en tag that also contain the Kind word, you can use tag:en Kind in any search field.

Advanced search in the Briskine Dialog

You can combine multiple search operators. Find templates that have the en tag and the To field set to billing@briskine.com, by using:
tag:en to:billing@briskine.com.

All search queries ignore capitalization, so Kind Regards will match the same templates as kind regards. This works the same with or without search operators.

See the full list of operators you can use and more details about them on the Search page in our Help Center.